Project Prompter

Project Idea 1:

The digitization idea pursued in the “Digital Nature” project, which builds upon and expands the idea of the “Digital Culture” project (follow the picture-link to it on the right-hand side here) can be further unfolded with a third project: “Digital Education”. It can make use of the abundant digital content in the two former projects to create a model of richly illustrated learning and self-learning lessons complete with exercises, online research assignments, tests and links to additional video tutorials and other digital content. The educational materials can be developed in Bulgarian, Macedonian and English languages and then competitions and tours can be organized with the joint participation of Bulgarian and Macedonian students.

Project Idea 2:

“Digital/Virtual Sightseer”: an online platform promoting sightseeing routes cutting across the Bulgarian-Macedonian cross-border region. The routes can offer digital/virtual information about natural and cultural assets in the region using the digitization models of the “Digital Nature” and “Digital Culture” projects to attract tourists.

Project Idea 3:

“Treasure Hunter”: an electronic/virtual reality game, where the hunted “treasure” will be knowledge about cultural and natural assets in the region, which will provide keys, energy and other tools to the gamer who will thus fight monsters, add points and pass to higher levels.