Overall objectives:

1. To support the establishment of an area of territorial cohesion, competitiveness and good neighbourly relations by developing cross-border links and social, economic and environmental convergence of young people in the Bulgarian-Serbian border region. 

2. To attain sustainable and long-term partnership between young people in the border region for the implementation of joint actions and initiatives of a cross-border nature.

Specific objective:

To raise the awareness of young people on regional biodiversity and resource efficiency through art and cultural exchange stimulating responsible environmental and civic behaviour.

The objectives of the project correspond to the programme aims and in particular to its overall objective of strengthening territorial cohesion of the BG-SR cross-border region, its competitiveness and the sustainability of its development through cooperation in the economic, social and environmental area. They are notably in line with the objective of Priority Axis 2: to improve the capacity of the region to deal with regional issues through, among others, establishment of partnerships and of models for cooperation based on best practices and common needs.